''I went to Rhian for a cure to a cricked back, not only did she cure that problem but she sorted out other re-occurring problems I had long since given up finding a cure for.''- Rod Henwood runner and CEO. 


Why live with pain?

It continues to surprise us how much pain or dysfunction people live with as we know osteopathy works.

If your in pain or have reduced mobility and no clear understanding of how to help yourself then we are here for you....

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Hassle free visits 

Easy to find in Pulborough's Lower street with free parking. A ten minute walk from Pulborough station and a bus stop directly outside. 

Treatments plans created to suit you and your lifestyle, ample treatment given with each appointment a minimum time of 40 minutes. 

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Yoga and gait assessment

Yoga to rehabilitate and learn how to look after your mind and body. Therapeutic sequences prescribed for your body and complaint. 

Our background in yoga and functional movement helps us diagnose and rehabilitate fast, through disc injury's to hip arthritis to athletes and more. 

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